Anorexia Quotes And Sayings

Anorexia is not a disease of the body, this condition starts in the mind of the sufferer. The physical and medical symptoms experienced with anorexia are just manifestations of a sick mind. Anyone who suffers from anorexia has their self worth and self esteem tied to their weight and even when they are starvation skinny the mirror reflects someone who is overweight. The perception of someone who has anorexia is the root of this condition and it is possible to reverse anorexia in some cases when intensive therapy is provided on a regular basis. Anorexia may cause a person to starve themselves, exercise excessively, and severely limit their food and caloric intake in order to meet their definition of thin and beautiful. Until they change the way they see themselves they will not take any help that is offered, and unfortunately many people die from anorexia because they can not seem to change the altered mindset that they have.


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Quotes About Anorexia

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