When you feel lonely, you feel like no one really understands you, that if you have a problem you have no one to reach out to. Because you feel like people around you they either don't understand you or they don't care, or they will judge your or criticize you. But there are people out there; friends that you don't know yet, families that you don't know yet, that understand you and have been through the same thing, you just got to reach out. There are so many organizations and groups that you can reach, if you don't do the step to break free from the loneliness that you are feeling, it will kill you, emotionally, spiritually and maybe physically. Reach out and don't wait until tomorrow reach out today to get someone to listen to you... And until you do so, know that God is with you, that you are truly never alone, you just got to feel Him next to you and hugging you, carrying you and guiding you to the right people.

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