Abortion Quotes And Sayings

Abortion is called many things: pro choice, anti life, a woman's right to choose, and even murder. What if all of the aborted fetuses through time could speak, what would they say? Abortion is medically necessary at times but in other situations it is used as a form of birth control. If a couple does not want to have children there are many contraception choices available. Doesn't it make sense to prevent conception beforehand rather than eliminating a fetus after pregnancy has occurred? Many Republicans want all abortion banned, while many Democrats think even late term abortions should be legal. In the liberal versus conservative arguments the right of a growing human life to survive and stay safe is ignored or overlooked. With all of the people who want a child to love and take care of the thousands of unborn children which are aborted each year are a heartbreaking statistic.

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Quotes About Abortion

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