When you feel lonely, it's when you want to reach out to someone to talk about your problems and challenges and you have no one to turn to. You feel like no one around you really will understand what you are going through. And you sink into a deeper feeling of emptiness. Often when you move to another city or state, you don't know anyone yet you feel you are like a drop in the ocean. Loneliness occurs also when you go through separation or divorce. Another reason is what you say to yourself that may lead you to loneliness. If you keep saying, no one really will understand my darkest side, or who can really handle me, when I can't really handle myself, or you say to yourself I will never meet someone who understands me. Your mind is your biggest enemy to your well-being if you don't train it well. So you can start by saying, I will meet new people that will have the same interests, that will understand me because they are going through the same thing or they have been through the challenges, I will go out there and meet new people and do activities to connect with others, I will soon find my new friend and new family that have the same spirit and that will love me for who I am with my imperfections. I will love and be loved again. No matter where you are or what situation you are going through if you start by changing your way of thinking you will start seeing miracles. God will send you the people who deserve you.You just have to turn to Him and ask Hime to help you to find your way again. Until then you are never alone, God is with you.

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