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  • The goal is to die with memories not dreams.

    Added Date - Sep 29, 2021

    The goal is to die with memories not dreams

    The goal is to die with memories not dreams meaning what makes you successful is based on what you have achieved, and the impact you have made in other lives.

    Almost everyone looks forward to success but what defines your success is based on your achievement in life. Life is full of smooth and rough paths but what makes each day counts depends on how you spend every moment and opportunity.

    Some people prefer spending time with their loved ones, and friends, while few just love to be left alone. Becoming successful in life is what everyone lookout. But the way you strive and work hard to achieve your dreams matters.

    Life is short yet full with lots of opportunities and to utilize it, seize every opportunity that comes your way. If you need a moment to think and plan do not hesitate to take one. Do not live a day of your life without emerging yourself. Spend every moment to the fullest and achieve the best memories that will forever be living in you. Nevertheless, try to impact your best in the lives of others to keep up your legacy during and after your presence on earth. Remember good memories will keep you going no matter the situation in life.

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