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  • Second place is just the first place loser.

    Added Date - Mar 06, 2017

    Second place is just the first place loser.

    Competition is something that determines who is the best in a certain area, and the stakes are usually high for those that come in the top three. However, it has been said that second place is just the first place loser. This can be taken both positively and negatively, although the tone does seem to be a bit dark. Some people think that the only thing that matters in a competition is the person that comes in first. Nobody else in the competition matters, and the person that is in second place feels the burn the worst. However, you can spin this into a positive light

    If you are a first place loser you are ahead of everyone else that lost. You may not have won first, but at least you have people that came in behind you. You could say that you are the best of all of the losers. Really, this is a cliche phrase that is frequently used to make people feel bad about not coming in first place. However, it is quotes like this that motivate second place winners to come back and place in first. You are only as good as you think you are, and you shouldn't let other people influence that decision.

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