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  • What Consumes your Mind Controls your Life.

    Added Date - Mar 05, 2016

    What Consumes your Mind Controls your Life

    Your thoughts and obsessions will determine how your life plays out and whether or not you are successful in what you hope to achieve. Anything that consumes your mind will control your life, and this will happen on both a conscious and a subconscious level. Your subconscious will work very hard to make what you believe will happen actually happen, whether your expectations are positive or negative. When something consumes your mind it is hard to stop thinking about it, and this will take control of every aspect of your life. If you are consumed with thoughts of losing weight then every area of your life will be controlled by weight loss factors. You may skip meals, refuse certain foods, and even exercise too much in order to achieve the goal that you are consumed by.

    Many people are self destructive without even realizing it, because they are consumed by negative thoughts. These thoughts are repeated so much that they can become a self fulfilling prophecy. The same is also true with positive thoughts. Take a hard look at what consumes your thoughts and decide whether this is something that you want to have control of your life. It is possible to change negative thought patterns and obsessions so that you have a better life, but only if you are willing to let go of any negative obsessions and redirect your thoughts in a more positive manner. Remember that what you think and believe can be changed when you get both your conscious and subconscious mind on board with the changes.

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