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  • They say a smile's worth a thousand words, but his is worth every bit of a million.

    Added Date - Nov 29, 2016

    They say a smile's worth a thousand words quotes

    They say a smile's worth a thousand words, but his is worth every bit of a million. When he smiles the entire room brightens, bringing joy and a sense of beauty that is unmatched by anything else. Just seeing him happy is worth more than anything money can buy, his true inner self shines through and makes the world a better place. A million words could not express the sentiments that a single smile does, when his face lights up and his eyes shine with joy. Seeing him smile makes everything right in life, giving me a peace and happiness I had never known before. Without his smile the world is dreary and gray, with no sunshine and joy. There are not enough words to express the emotions behind his smile, or enough money on this earth to compensate if his smile was lost forever. His smile brightens up even my worst day, providing comfort and hope when things seem the darkest, making my world right again.

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