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  • God answers when you least expect it.

    Added Date - Nov 02, 2014

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    When children pray they expect to hear God's voice answering them, and they are disappointed when this does not happen. Adults usually realize that god will not speak to us directly but he does answer at times, often when we least expect him to. Communications from god are not always clear cut, and sometimes we pray for events or miracles that do not happen but that does not mean that god did not hear us, just that his plan was different from our wishes. The answer may not always be one that we like, but it is an answer nonetheless. God answers when he is ready, not when we expect him to or want the answer. You may find that the solution is clear when you least expect it.

    God has a master plan, and sometimes it seems like your prayers will go unanswered. When you have finally resigned yourself to the worst then this may be when you get positive news and the answer that you were hoping for. Sometimes god is waiting for you to accept his will, and when you do this even if it seems like his will is not the outcome you were looking for, things take a turn for the positive. This is an indication that god is watching and listening, even when you think your prayers are not being heard or that god is too busy to answer. When you have faith then things will turn out the way god intended, even if you do not get an answer when it is expected.

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