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  • Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

    Added Date - Jan 20, 2015

    martin luther king jr

    Silence can be golden, or it can be devastating, depending on the situation. When you stand silent about the things that matter and are important in life then this is when your life begins to end. In order for evil to thrive and flourish all it takes is for good people to stand silent and not speak out. Many people knew what was going on during World War II yet they stayed silent and did not speak out due to fear or because they benefited from the events in some way. If you do not speak out when you see something that is wrong, regardless of the reason for your silence, then you will die a little inside and will have to live with the knowledge that you allowed evil to win because you did nothing to prevent it.

    When you see something that is wrong you have a duty as a human being to speak up. Standing against evil and being the voice of good is what makes your life meaningful and gives you a reason to keep going. When you stay silent then you must answer to your conscious, and good people will be haunted by the fact that they did not speak up when it really mattered. Sometimes all it takes is a single voice to bring others to a cause, and your life will be enriched when you speak up for those who can not or when you speak out against something that is not right.

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