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  • Once Upon A Time There Was A Boy And Girl Who Loved Each Other Then A Slut Came And Ruined Everything.

    Added Date - Apr 25, 2015

    failed relationship quotes

    In the beginning life seemed so perfect. It was just you and I, and our love was strong and beautiful. My loyalty to you never wavered and I would have done almost anything to keep things the way that they were. Our relationship had a few problems just like every other relationship, but these were problems that we could have worked out if you were willing to try. The reward for my faithfulness and devotion was heartbreak and devastation after finding out that you cheated with a home wrecker. Right now you have stars in your eyes and lust in your heart, believing that the grass will always be greener in the new field, but eventually you will realize the huge mistake that you made. When this happens it will be too late to turn back the clock and get back what we once had.

    Our relationship was not perfect but it was good until the home wrecking slut came along and tempted you into straying. It would be easy to blame her alone but you were the one who betrayed me and ruined our relationship when you stepped out with another woman and jeopardized everything that we had for a quick thrill. Someday you will feel what I feel now, and karma will come full circle. Our relationship can not be salvage because I can no longer trust that we are in it together. After your cheating we are like two strangers, and the person that I thought I knew and loved apparently never existed at all.

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