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  • Enjoy your freedom thank a veteran.

    Added Date - Apr 09, 2015

    veteran quotes

    Every freedom that you take for granted as an American has been hard fought for and cost incredible sacrifice by the members of the US Armed Forces. These courageous men and women put everything on the line, including the possibility that they might be called on to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their fellow citizens. Whenever you come across a veteran make it a point to thank them for their service and the freedoms that you enjoy every single day. Without people who are willing to serve, and who volunteer to face danger and injury to protect you and ensure that you continue to have the freedoms that you do the United States, we could all be living in a dictatorship with our every thought, decision, and move controlled by a corrupt government.

    Far too often our veterans do a thankless job, risking serious injury or death to protect people and freedoms the world over. Taking just a minute out of your day to say thank you to a veteran will cost you nothing but a minute of your time, but to the veteran the thanks that you give are priceless and your few words show that their service is appreciated. From your freedom to speak your mind to your freedom to protest to your freedom to worship as you choose without government interference all of these are possible because of our veterans, and our fallen soldiers, who have sacrificed everything so that you could be free in every way.

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