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  • Embrace who you are, literally. Hug yourself. Accept who you are.

    Added Date - Sep 24, 2023

    Embrace who you are, literally. Hug yourself. Accept who you are.

    Once said by Ellen DeGeneres, this famous quote can be confusing, after all, we all are who we are, right? It is not that simple, in fact society today has a habit of telling us that we should be something else, and it can be damaging, even when we don’t realize it.

    From having the right partner to careers, wearing the right clothes, having the right phone and even driving the correct car, society sets impossible standards and expectations that most of us can never live up to, and no matter how much we pretend it doesn’t, sometimes that can make us feel like we are not enough as we are.


    This is a problem, because there is no right or wrong for you. What you do, what you wear, who you love and so much more, these are all things that YOU decide, and it doesn’t matter whether society, advertisers or your neighbor agree. It is your life and your choices, and whatever makes you happy is always the right choice. You are exactly who you are supposed to be, and being yourself is the greatest gift you have.


    But under the kind of pressure that we find today, it can be hard to let yourself believe that you are perfect exactly as you are. Giving yourself a hug is one of the best things you can do to help accept yourself as the ideal you thought. Giving yourself a hug symbolizes the act of accepting yourself, and you will find it very empowering. It reminds you that you deserve love, kindness and compassion as a human being, and you have worth to yourself and to others.


    Giving yourself a hug is a way to make your subconscious mind follow your conscious mind in accepting yourself for who you are. In a world that seems to constantly tell us we need to be something else, that is incredibly powerful. You are great as you are, so give yourself a hug every day and remind yourself of that.

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Be strong, honey, don't give in. Blessings come with patience. Until we meet again, I'm praying for you.

Lyfe Jennings

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