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  • Always Find A Reason To Smile.

    Added Date - Apr 28, 2024

    Always Find A Reason To Smile

    Often attributed to poet Maya Angelou, this is another quote to help you make the most of every day. It sounds simple, always find a reason to smile, but it has a meaning that goes deeper. First, it tells us to look for the positive in everything. No matter how bleak things seem, look for the goodness, the light, the humor to make you smile, because smiling does make you feel better.


    But more than that, smiling is not just something positive for you, but everyone around you. The world treats you differently when you smile. Find a reason to smile and people will smile back, your day will be brighter and everything will feel like it’s happier. By finding a reason to smile, you will give yourself, and everyone around you, more reasons to smile.

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