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  • Stop looking at your stomach when you get out of the shower and complaining about your body, when you are eating everything in sight and never going to the gym. You are the reason you look the way you look. You are the reason you’re unemployed. You are the reason why your surroundings are so dis-functional and negative.

    Added Date - Feb 15, 2015

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    You are responsible for what you become and what your life is like, no one else. You can choose to make changes and be positive or you can wallow in negativity and blame others instead of taking personal responsibility. If you are unhappy with the physical shape that you are in then hit the gym or start working out at home. Cut back on your calorie intake and make an effort to get more physical exercise each day. If you are unemployed and can not find a job look at why employers are unwilling to give you a chance. What are you doing differently? If you continue the same pattern over and over again then you shouldn't be surprised when you get the same results every time.

    If your life is negative and dysfunctional then you are the one to blame, because you allowed it to happen and you are not taking any steps to change things or make your life better in some way. At the end of the day you can not blame others for the decisions and choices that you have made in your life to this point, the blame lies squarely on your shoulders. If you want a different result then you have to make some changes, and accept your responsibility in the current situation. Do something to change things up, and evaluate where you went wrong so that you can make things right. At the end of the day you alone are responsible for what is happening in your life and how things turn out. Don't complain about being unhappy when you are unwilling to make any changes.

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  • If you're not happy about how you look, you have to question how much self-love you have.

    Added Date - Feb 23, 2015

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    One of the secrets to happiness is being comfortable in your own skin and with who you really are. If you are not happy with how you look then you hav...

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