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  • You Must be the best judge of your own happiness.

    Added Date - Oct 24, 2023

    You Must be the best judge of your own happiness.

    You Must be the best judge of your own happiness .A quote from the novel Emma by Jane Austin, as Emma herself explains to Harriet that she should choose the partner she wants, not who others tell her would be the best choice. It is an interesting quote in that it strikes at the heart of what it is to be an individual. The human experience is different for us all, because we are all unique, what we like differs from person to person, and only we truly know what it is that makes us happy.

    In the context of the novel, and in wider society, it is a commentary on how societal pressure can affect our choices, and that result in poorer quality of life and opportunities missed. While Austen’s characters are discussing partners, this applies to every aspect of our lives. Which college major you take, what career you choose, whether you take a year travelling, which city you move to, who your friends are, what music you like, and so on.


    All of these things impact your overall life experience, some more than others of course. But when making these choices, no matter how well-meaning other people are, it is you, and you alone, who knows what you truly want to do, and which are the things you will enjoy and find happiness in. So, when making important choices, listen to other people of course, but ultimately, if you find that your own wishes go against either what is expected, or what others say, it is your decision that will take you towards the happiness you deserve.


    This is not always as easy as it sounds, pressure from others can be very difficult to go against, and sometimes the things that will make you happy represent a risk compared to following the crowd. But staying true to yourself and making the choices that lead to your happiness means your life is the one you chose. You won’t always get such choices right, no one does, but by pursuing your own happiness, the happiness that only you can know, you have a better chance of arriving somewhere that feels right to you.

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