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  • Stand up for what is right even if you stand alone.

    Added Date - May 29, 2016

    Stand up for what is right even if you stand alone.

    It is important to remember to stand up for what is right even if you stand alone. In the world today news programs are full of people who witnessed horrific acts and violent crimes yet did not speak up or do anything to intervene. These people do not stand up for what is right for a number of reasons. Some people may be fearful of becoming involved because they do not want to get hurt or attract the attention of the individual committing the act or saying hurtful things. Others do not want to be bothered, or they lack compassion and empathy. It can require an incredible act of courage to speak up when everyone else is silent, and to make an effort to change things when the world seems to be fine with the status quo.

    When you are silent and you fail to stand up for what is right then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. All it takes for evil to win is for good people to stand silently by and do nothing. Many German people did not take part in the atrocities committed by the Nazi party, but they also did not speak up when evil acts were committed and because of their silence millions of people were murdered. No matter what the consequences may be we all have a duty to stand for what is right and refuse to be silent when we see something that is wrong.

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You know it makes me unhappy what's that When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy.

Lyfe Jennings

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