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  • Pain is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever.

    Added Date - Jan 04, 2016

    Pain is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever.

    Pain is something that we all experience in life in varying degrees, and no one gets through life without it. Sometimes the worst pain can come from failure but that never means giving up just because you have not been successful the first time around. Physical discomfort and emotional pain are temporary things and they will subside as time goes on. Quitting lasts forever though, and eliminates any chance that you could succeed in the future because you simply stop trying to reach your goals. When you experience pain you need to realize that it will not last, it is just something that must be endured on a temporary basis. If you allow pain to make you quit then this solution is permanent and it can prevent you from reaching your goals and achieving what you hope to achieve in your life.

    Giving in to the impulse to quit when you experience pain is a big mistake. A better option is to work through the pain which allows you to emerge stronger from the experience and will provide greater motivation for you to complete your goals. There are many different types and levels of pain and some may be more severe than others, but all pain can be worked through so that you emerge victorious instead of letting the pain drag you down and negatively affect your life. When you quit the pain may go away but so does any chance that you had to succeed in the first place. When you quit you give up and this is something that will last forever.

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