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  • Life is short, the world is wide.

    Added Date - Sep 24, 2021

    Life is short, the world is wide

    Life is short, the world is wide meaning. We live a life that is limited to a specific time frame with endless opportunities to explore. Your moment on earth is like the ticking sound of a wall clock as every seconds goes, they are never recoverable. You wake up every morning to a new day, get to go into the world meeting various people with different mindsets and visions, but still, a day would come when each other clock would stop making that ticking sound. And people will want to reflex on how you made each of your days count. Every generation is constrained to that limited time yet lots of endless chapters still remain unread. In every circumstance, you should never feel downgraded if life don’t favor you. But, cherish every chance that comes your way because no one knows tomorrow.

    Every stepping stone of life, presents an opportunity that can impact your future either positively or negatively. Still, never make your vision to dwindle because of your predicament. Instead, explore the best things life has offered you. If you get successful, always remember those in need of your humanly love. Try to influence other people’s life when you have the option to do so because nothing on earth last forever. Earth keeps on rotating and revolving so do people time and opportunity lessen yet new life are brought to the world.

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