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  • If your pride is bigger than your heart and your ego is bigger than your head, grow up, or you will be alone for life.

    Added Date - Jan 03, 2022

    If your pride is bigger than your heart quote

    If your pride is bigger than your heart and your ego is bigger than your head, grow up, or you will be alone for life, meaning irrespective of one’s own achievement in order to achieve more opportunities in life and associate with the right set of people, learn to control your pride and ego.



    Pride and Ego is a feeling every individual experiences, especially when attaining a breaking ground in a particular situation. But for some people, it influences their thinking and mindset as a result of achieving something most of their peers are not really opportune to achieve. For instance, you can be doing well, living a better life than you did in the past. When you let excess pride and ego take over your head, you might feel that you deserve more self-importance and self-respect than others. People will not want to associate with you due to such an ill attitude. Nothing in life is permanent, and if you do not want to be alone as well as grow in life, you have to lower your pride with a proper ego.


    The feeling of pride and ego are good if only they can be appropriately controlled. You must know that a healthy quantity of pride and ego can help you grow in life. Therefore, do not let your pride and ego overpower your mind or thinking. When you effectively manage or control these two qualities of life, it makes life a better place for you. 


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