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  • Find a way not an excuse.

    Added Date - Mar 19, 2024

    Find a way not an excuse

    Often attributed to author Jim Rohn, although it is arguable whether he was the first to say it, this is another famous quote that on the surface is about business, but could apply to any aspect of life. The thing is, if you have ever struggled with something, from learning a new language or finishing an MBA after work, it is so, so tempting to just say ‘its too hard’ and walk away. If you have done that, you are not alone, most of us have at least once.


    ‘I don’t have time’ is another classic example of making excuses for not doing something, and its one we use all the time. But what if that thing really matters? Studying and working is hard, but the reward could be a new career and endless opportunities. Starting a business is hard, after that initial idea, you are looking at a minimum of a couple of years of challenges before you see any light at the end of the tunnel, losing weight, getting fit, learning a language. All of these things are hard, but they are worth doing because there is something of value for you at the end. Whether that is more money, better health or just a more enjoyable life.


    When something is that much benefit, then don’t make excuses when it gets tough. Find a way to make it work. If you give up every time things become difficult, then you won’t see any change, where you are is where you will stay. It is only by pushing through, finding a way to get it done, will you see the changes that you want, and deserve.

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