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  • A Year from Now You Will Wish You had Started Today.

    Added Date - Oct 09, 2015

    It is easy to wish that your life was different right now or that you were more successful or better in some way. If you have a goal that you want to reach procrastination is your enemy, and nothing about your life will change until you make the necessary effort to bring about the change that you want. If you want to get an education, take a training class, try to achieve a promotion, or do anything else that is a long term goal then this ill not happen overnight. Did you have the same goals and ideas a year ago that you do today? If so and you had started a year ago you would be finished. It is easy to determine that you will start tomorrow or the next day, but a journey of many miles always starts with that single first step.

    Think about what you want to improve in your life. Do you want to earn more money, get a better job, go back to school and finish your education? No matter what it is there is no better time to start than right now, today. If you don;t act then a year from now you will still be in the same situation and circumstances that you are in today, nothing will have changed and your life will not have improved in any way. A year from now you will wish that you had started today, just like today you are wishing that you had started a year ago. If your life is unacceptable or incomplete in some way then you can change

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I've always believed that if you put in the work the results will come.

Michael Jordan

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