5 Signs Your Relationship May Be Coming To An End

Added Date - Aug 8, 2019

Everyone has experienced a heartbreak in some form or fashion, and we all can agree it is one of the worst feelings in the world, like getting ran over by a bus. The emotions you experience can cause you to be in a slump for days. Even though you do not know when and how it will happen, being a little prepared before the breakup happens can make the healing process go a little more smoothly.


Although, not everyone sees the warning signs, that a relationship may come to an end. This can be they are so caught up in the relationship and the honeymoon days to even realize that a break up is on its way. This is why it is important to stay in tune with your relationship, so that if something happens you are not caught by surprise.


Now the real questions are, how do you know a break up is coming? A lot of the times, these signs are not a surprise, most of the time, breakups do not happen out of nowhere. Slowly negative emotions and events happen that lead up to the decision of a break up. Look out for the signs because they will be easy to see.


Even though there can be signs that are easy to seek out, some signs are so small that it can slip right past you nose. Pay attention to your relationship so you know if something is feeling odd. This will help so that when the break up comes you do not end up with a heart break and a heart attack from the shock that you will be experiencing. But remember breakups are hard to cope with so do not beat yourself up when they end.


If you are experiencing a lot of the signs listed below, the relationship maybe coming to an end, keep in mind that every relationship is different, so do not jump to conclusions, but be mindful of what is going on in your relationship.


  1. You two do not meet eyes when talking to each other.


When talking to someone it is important to make eye contact with this person, is creates a bond of trust and lets the other person know that you care about what they are saying. When someone is not making contact with you it feels as if they are not even paying attention to what you are saying.


  1. Magic in the bedroom is not happening.


Having a sexual relationship with your partner is extremely important, because it gives you that moment to get closer and make that fiery bond stronger. If your sexual relationship is lacking, then other areas of the relationship are going to be lacking too. You always want to have loving chemistry with your lover.


  1. You are not affectionate in public.


This does not mean that you have to be making out in public everywhere you go, but holding hands and showing your love in simple ways shows each other how much you love and care about each other.


  1. Pupils are smaller when looking at this person.


It has been studied that when you are in love with a person, your pupils grow larger, when you are talking to your partner gaze into their eyes and look to see if their pupils are smaller, if they are, they may be falling out of love.


  1. When facing each other your feet are not pointed towards each other.


Studies have shown that body language is important to read how a person feels toward you, when a person’s feet are pointed towards you that means they really care about you.

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