9 Steps How To Fight Boredom In Relationships

Added Date - Apr 25, 2015

1. Try Something New Together


Shared experiences trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, and this neuro chemical causes the sensation and emotions of being in love. Find experiences that you can share as a couple, and where you both actually focus on each other and spend together.


2. Spice Things Up in the Bedroom


A sex toy, fantasy role playing, or even adding a new technique or position to lovemaking can help eliminate boredom and keep both partners from becoming bored. Physical intimacy is part of the bonding process, and for romantic relationships this means a happy sex life.



3. Socialize Together


Spending time with other couples and mutual friends will help relieve boredom, and it also has another benefit. Seeing your partner in a crowd can trigger a renewed attraction, and serve as a reminder of why you chose your partner in the first place and the fact that others may find them appealing as well.



4. Make Time to be Intimate


Life is busy, with hectic schedules and a mountain of responsibility. Too often couples let intimacy slip away because it is pushed to the end of the list which never seems to get done. Spontaneous intimacy is great, but make sure you set aside time each week to spend intimate time with your partner as well to keep boredom at bay.



5. Be Expressive With Your Thoughts and Feelings


Make sure that you express your thoughts and feelings. Leave little notes, send emails that detail your love, and tell your partner how much they mean to you on a regular basis. This creates excitement and keeps the relationship strong, and shows both partners how much the other still cares.



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