What to Do When Your Relationship is Falling Apart

Added Date - Nov 13, 2015

When relationship problems hit your first instinct may be to ignore the issue or bury your head in the sand, but this will not help the situation or save the relationship. What to Do When Your Relationship is Falling Apart though? The answer depends on whether you are hoping to save the relationship or if it is already gone. If your relationship has been having problems for years and you no longer feel the same way then it may be time to end it and move on with your life. If you want to save the relationship there are some steps that you can take which could help you do this.

Have a Discussion With Your Partner

If your relationship seems to be falling apart then good communication is a key to the solution. Since the problem affects you both a discussion on this matter is important, and both partners need to try and listen carefully to what the other person is saying. Poor communication can destroy a relationship very quickly. Let your partner know how you feel and what you are concerned about, but do it in a way that does not blame the other person or put them down. Explain that you care about them and the relationship and you want to make it stronger.

Understand What You Both Expect From the Relationship

Relationship problems often occur because neither partner has made their expectations clear and this can lead to confusion. You need to be clear about your expectations, and you need to understand what your partner expects from you. If either person is not having their needs met then this should be addressed in a way that is not confrontational. Instead of starting off with “I hate it when you always ignore me” you could try saying “I feel ignored when you do …... and it bothers me. Could we talk about it?”

Seek Counseling

When relationship problems start professional counseling may be beneficial for both partners. Over time you may both fall into certain habits, and these can create tension in your relationship. A counselor can listen to both sides and help you resolve relationship conflicts in a calm and peaceful manner. Very few relationships would fail to benefit from counseling. When your relationship is on the rocks a professional therapist can often help you turn things around.

Spend Time Together and Reconnect

One possible reason for relationship issues is a lack of time together, and this can cause you to take each other for granted and forget why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. Take some time to be alone together. This will give you a chance to rekindle those old feelings and emotions, and help you see what is truly important. Make a date night every week or go away for a secret weekend together and see if that helps you develop a closer and more intimate relationship. Sometimes just being together more in a positive way can help smooth over any difficulties you may have.

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