6 Signs That You Are Not Really Ready for True Love

Added Date - May 14, 2015

6 Signs That You Are Not Really Ready for True Love


Many people say that they want to find true love but their actions tell a completely different story. The following 6 signs will help you understand why you have not found true love yet, and what issues you have to work through before this is possible.



1.You have issues with trust. True love can not exist unless you trust someone. If you have trust issues then you will always have doubts. No healthy relationship can survive a lot of baggage from the past. Before you can find true love you must work through the baggage that you are carrying from previous relationships so that your past does not haunt your present. When you throw up walls to protect yourself because you have been hurt in the past this prevents your partner from getting close.


2.You have a need to control things. A need to control comes from fear, not love. Your partner is an adult and should be treated as such. If you feel an urge to control everything then you will not be able to find true love because you are not ready yet. Before you can have a healthy relationship you need to work on your control issues and conquer any fears that you have.


3.You are not willing to put in the time and hard work necessary to foster true love and a healthy relationship. If you can not relinquish control and experience vulnerability then you will not be able to find true love until you are able to do this.


4.You are immature and have unrealistic expectations. No relationship is perfect and every couple has issues and disagreements. If you have unrealistic expectations or you are emotionally immature then you are not ready for a healthy adult relationship. Until you grow up and mature you will not have true love because you are incapable of giving it in this condition.



5.You sabotage each relationship or subconsciously pick the wrong people. This happens because your subconscious is keeping you from being with someone that you could have a successful long term relationship with. True love can seem threatening because it exposes you to things outside of your comfort zone. If you keep ending up with Mr. or Ms. Wrong then you never have to worry about being vulnerable or taking a risk that you will get hurt.



6.You fail to take responsibility. Blaming others is easy, but looking in the mirror and accepting blame when things go wrong is much harder. Until you can own up to mistakes that you have made and accept responsibility for your life and your actions true love will always be just a dream.


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