4 Reasons to Never Go Back to Your Ex

Added Date - Aug 19, 2019

No one likes things to end, breakups can be a dirty situation, that we do not want to face. Not every relationship is going to be the one forever, so it’s important to know how to deal with them, so that you can move on successfully.


Everyone experiences breakups, so do not feel alone. The most important rule is that you do not make contact with the other person. You already know what that will look like, and you do not want to go down that road again, that’s why it ended in the first place. Get out of the comfort zone you felt with them and move on. The temptation can be real, and hard to resist.


1. You need that time away to heal yourself.


Get your emotions back to control and get yourself together. Time heals all wounds when it comes to heartbreaks.


Everyone heals at their own pace, some sooner than others. No matter the case you need this time to give back to yourself.


2. You are wasting time if you go back to them or even talk to them.


Do you really want to be in the same spot you are forever instead of growing and going on to your next phase of live? Do not, no matter what you do go back to your ex, it ended for a reason.


It takes a lot of your energy spending time and hanging out with someone. This relationship is over so getting ready to find someone better after you are healed.


3. You will get stuck in the dream world thinking about being with this person again.


There is nothing to gain by going back to your ex. Don’t get in lala land and start daydreaming about the perfect fantasy and potential the relationship could have. This is not reality, this is a waste of time.


4. You are cutting yourself short by going back to them.


You will never find closure if you go back to them, you already know that this relationship is not right for you and you can do better. Let someone who values you have your time. Move on with your life and let the future you be better.

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