10 Reasons You May Be Driving Your Relationships Away

Added Date - Aug 8, 2019

Do any of you feel like you cannot find a steady relationship no matter how hard you try? You find a possible potential, but then all of a sudden it comes to an end and you are stuck wondering, is it really me? These are a few common mistakes that could be putting you in a place where you are having to play the love game over and over again. Now it is time to find the one and keep them coming back for more, while also building and nurturing foundation to only one lover.


  1. You are naturally drawn to the ones that are bad for you.


You know from the very beginning if this person is not the one for you. If you have a list of standards that you want in a person, stick to it, have value in yourself to not settle for anyone less than you deserve, because you are an amazing person who deserves to be treated like one. If you just let anyone into your life that is not good for you, they will try to take advantage of you because they know you are desperate.


  1. You may come off as intimidating


Men love to see an independent woman, that is one of their turn ons, and the same with women, they love to see a successful man. This means know your boundaries and to not be overaggressive.  Sometimes this can come off so strong, that people feel uninvited in your presence.


  1. You cannot be a taker and never give the love back


Being in a relationship means that you will be expected to give to your partner, just as well as you are going to need and take from them. There has to be balance, if they feel like they are doing everything and you are not putting in any work for them, they are more likely to back off from you.


  1. You are picking out every flaw about your partner


Do not be picking out everything you do not like in your partner; how would you like it if they constantly were nagging about stuff you did. That would hurt your feelings, and your partner has feelings too. This could be a big reason causing them to not want to be around you anymore.


  1. You always have drama in your life


No one likes drama, especially your partner, they do not want that in their life. This will for sure cause your partner to run away fast.


  1. You make them not want to trust you.


Trust is the number one key to a relationship. If your partner does not think they can trust you, then their feelings will never go to the next level with you.


  1. You act like you are the boss of them


Your partner does not want to feel controlled by you, if everything has to be your way and you make them feel like they have to do certain things, this will cause them to look for someone else.


  1. Your whole life is wrapped around the relationship


It is important to have a life outside of your relationship, a man or woman does not want to feel like your entire life is the relationship, this puts too much pressure on them, and they will feel like they do not have room to breathe.


  1. You are hiding your feelings about them.


Be open with your intentions, so that they know how you feel. They will respect you for your honesty with them, and you will learn what the other person is looking for.


  1.  Are making your life look like a secret.


Don’t be afraid to open up about your life, that is the best way for them to get to know you. If you cut off your life from them, they will feel distant from you, and not want to continue the relationship with you.

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