10 Ways To Overcome feelings for Someone You Can't Be With.

Added Date - Nov 16, 2021

Loving someone can be a great feeling, especially if they also end up loving you genuinely. Everyone will love to end up with a person who has the features of a perfect partner while knowing that flaws and imperfection cannot be excluded from the picture. Despite how that might seem to be to both parties, it can only be disheartening knowing you cannot build your life around someone you dearly love or spend your entire life with them like couples.


Knowing these can come along with pains and agony or perhaps keep you traumatized. Many people have once passed through such an experience before settling down with their right partner.  Interestingly, it can possibly be your best or close friend, colleague, or a random person you had a crush on. In truth, you can’t control who you fall in love with, but you can overcome it if you can’t be with them.


However, if you get stuck in such a situation, it can be excruciating and might even ruin your life for a while. Nevertheless, you have to think about your wellbeing and move on. To be honest, it isn’t a small or quick task that can be done within days or weeks, but it is possible to overcome such feelings and experiences. Sometimes, it requires lots of dedication, hard work, and courage over a long period of time (months). Keep on reading to know how!!!


1. Enjoy every quality time you spend together.


Every moment you spend with them, try to get the best from it, such as casual fun. Do not expect much from them or wish for things that aren’t there. Focus on why you are there at that moment and nothing else.


2. Engage yourself with other activities to keep you busy.


Most people get to overcome heartbreak or tragic experience through hobbies. You can try that out too! You can also participate in other activities that will keep you engaged. If you keep yourself idle, you might end up thinking about your failed love affair and other romantic moments you had with that person.


3. Create rules for yourself.


At times, rules get to help a lot. You can opt for this so as to guide your day-to-day life. These rules should be built around self-discipline to be of great help to you. Whenever you are around that person, these rules define your limitation.


4. Get a strong support system.


Loneliness and emotional weakness are expected to happen after such an experience. To help yourself out of such a situation, having a strong support system that you can rely on is necessary. It may be your friends or family.


5. Be yourself-(Be real).


Experiencing a failed love can be horrible, but you have to be yourself if you are unwilling to make yourself a better person expect disappointment again. To be yourself, accept your current situation, and move on. Later, you will be happy you made such a decision.


6. Reduce the level of interaction.


Constant interaction with someone you love but can’t be with only brings pain and worries. It is in your best interest to create a gap between one another till you heal completely. Although it might be difficult, but you have to picture living a life without them.


7. Give others a chance in your life.


Most time, people who happen to be a victim of this horrible experience tend to shun dating. You can only overcome such an experience if you give others a chance to come into your life. Date someone else. Preferably someone who truly loves you. After a while, you might feel less bothered or totally forget about your failed relationship.


8. Write out your feeling.



Expressing your feelings in a paper is an excellent therapeutic exercise. It helps you know why and how to move on, bring out the best in you. Once you can open up what’s on your mind, you can overcome that feeling.



9. Feel free to express your sadness.


Not everyone is emotionally strong. If you are sad, express it. You can only overcome such feelings if your mind is clear. By acknowledging your whole situation, you are on the right path to overcome such an experience.


10. Inform them about how you feel.



Sometimes telling them about how you feel can help solve it. It makes your heart free from any guilty feelings. Also, you can know if they care about how you feel or not. Whatever their response may be, at least you came out clean.

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