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  • Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving.

    Added Date - Nov 09, 2015

    thanksgiving day quotes

    Thanksgiving is a holiday set aside for the sole purpose of giving thanks and spending time with the people that we love and hold dear. This day in November is a time when you should be thinking about all of the blessings in your life and everything that you have to be grateful for. Most people enjoy a large feast with family and friends on Thanksgiving, and a great way to give back is to invite those who are less fortunate to share this holiday with you. Many families give back to their local communities during the holiday. In the hectic day to day rush it can be easy to forget that we have many things that we should be thankful for, and it is common to get caught up in the negative cycle of wanting more. This negative mindset will ensure that your life is never full.

    On Thanksgiving you should spend your time examining your life and realizing everything that you have which others may be missing. This is a day which should also be set aside for giving back out of gratitude for everything that god has blessed you with. These are important every day of the year but especially on this holiday because Thanksgiving is centered around these factors. The Pilgrims were very thankful that they had enough to survive and they showed this by sharing what they had in order to give thanks to god and the native tribes in the area. This tradition has continued to foster and encourage goodwill and gratitude through the years.

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