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  • If god is all you have, you have all you need.

    Added Date - Jul 20, 2016

    If god is all you have, you have all you need.

    If god is all you have, you have all you need and your life is full. Faith can sustain you through anything and god will provide what you need even if he does not give you what you want. In olden times a test of faith was common, and people would wander into hostile terrain and stay for days or even longer. These people depended on god to help them find what they needed to survive, and to protect them from harm. This type of faith test is not common today but god still provides everything that we need in our lives. Some people chase material things, always trying to accumulate the biggest, most expensive, and newest things, but this is not what matters to god. In the end when your life is over these toys will still be here, you can not take them with you when you transition to the next world.

    When you have god on your side you are David, and you can take down the biggest Goliath with just a small slingshot and the help of god. Even when things turn dark god is with you, and during the roughest times in life god not only walks beside you but he carries you when you are at your very weakest. The lord shepherds you through this life and he has a plan in mind, always watchful and always providing what is needed even if you want more than that. When you are grateful for what you do have, even if it seems like little, and you also have faith you always have enough.

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