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  • The longer you wait for the future the shorter it will be.

    Added Date - Oct 17, 2016

    The longer you wait for the future the shorter it will be.

    Life is a topic that is always on everyone's mind because it consumes us on a daily basis. People stress about little things of no relevance. If you are always looking to the horizon you will be surprised how quickly it comes to the front, and the longer you wait for the future the shorter it will be. If you are watching for it, you will never notice the little things that are passing you by, and this is why you should take an active role in your life. You waste time by sitting around and waiting for something to happen to you.

    The more time you sit and watch, the sooner your future will slap you in the face. Then you will look back on all of the things that you could have experienced if you weren't anxiously looking for the next thing around the bend. Make sure that you are spending your time efficiently, and not just letting life pass you by while you wait for something better to come along.

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Be strong, honey, don't give in. Blessings come with patience. Until we meet again, I'm praying for you.

Lyfe Jennings

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