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  • Never bite the hand that feeds you.

    Added Date - Nov 30, 2021

    Never bite the hand that feeds you.

    Never bite the hand that feeds you meaning do not be ungrateful or criticize anyone that acts as a benefactor, or helping hands to your progress because you might one day need that help.

    One of the truths about life is that you cannot do everything alone. To be successful or achieve a goal you need assistance. Lots of people are fond of the habit of not showing appreciation to individuals that helped or contributed to their success in life. Some even go to the extent of hurting them without considering the past.  There are stages in life, we get to pass through unusual experiences, and with someone’s assistance, and you were able to overcome them. Can you imagine how it will feel if you criticize such a person or turn against them?  Appreciating people’s help is in your best interest. For instance, it can also be at your place of work, whereby the company sends you for a fully paid expensive professional course so as to improve your skills and boost the company service delivery. Imagine leaving that company after such an investment in your career?


    Life is a journey with ups and downs for everyone. Sometimes those who help us might not have the best character or need our thanks, but you still have to be grateful to them. Always remember their impact on your life, show them support and kind heartedness because nothing on earth lasts forever.




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