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  • Loyalty and respect means everything to me.

    Added Date - Nov 02, 2021

    Loyalty and respect means everything to me.

    If we don’t have loyalty toward each other, then we don’t have anything. If you love someone but you are not faithful to that person then what kind of love is it. To truly love someone means to be loyal to that person. As long as you live on Earth, you will often have temptations left and right. When you commit to someone because it’s the one person that you see and love, the one person you are sharing everything with, the one person you are intimate with you need to be faithful to them. I also advise that you always make them feel desired and wanted by you, to make them feel secure and appreciated; to always have an open communication.

    It should be effortless to be loyal because you respect each other and because your heart belong to each other. Loyalty and respect it’s like a foundation that you are building your relationship on. When you start doubting in each other, the respect starts diminishing and the love disappears also. To flirt, to cheat, to lie and I will go a little bit further to imagine yourself with someone else, to desire someone else will deteriorate your relationship with your partner. Any form of cheating, any form of lies, any form of retaining information toward your partner is a kind of disrespect and cheating. Be honest, be faithful and love each other with all your heart and you will see your relationship blooming.

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