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  • Life is full of fake people trust no one.

    Added Date - Nov 30, 2021

    Life is full of fake people trust no one.

    Life is full of fake people trust no one meaning most people are not who they claim to be in general.



    How do you feel when someone you trust disappoints you? It can be close friends, family, or even strangers. Most people portray characters that make you feel they are perfect for you, and because of that, you trust them. At that moment, they are the right ones for you but at some stage in life they end up disappointing you. That doesn’t mean they aren’t genuine people out there, but the fact is that most people you trust aren’t who they claim to be in reality. Many people try to present themselves in a proper manner just to make sure you get comfortable relating with them but when you need them the most or confide confidential things with them, they may end up not standing up for you. A friend can have a great personality but his/her inner mind can’t be predicted. Even loved ones such as family relatives can disappoint when you rely solely on them.


    To be on the safer side, learn not to trust people. Disappointment can come from anyone. Even in your circle, you can’t know the fake ones from the real ones. Therefore, it is best not to put much hope in humans but instead your creator, God. Everything you do, always believe and trust in yourself.


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