God fixes us when we are at our most broken..

Added Date - Nov 6, 2019

There are many times in our lives that we hear that everything happens for a reason. The good and the bad are both meant to teach you lessons. However, it can be difficult understanding why God would put us through the bad things. There are ways for you to see the best in everything, even the worst episodes of your life.



How many times have you heard that there is a bigger plan at work? Even when you are going through a difficult test, there is something positive to be learned. There are many people that survive traumatic life events, only to see that it was all in their best interest.


It can be devastating going through minor difficulties, which make it harder to see the bigger picture. Just because you are losing small battles doesn’t mean that you are losing the war. It’s hard to focus on the positive while you’re in the problem but know that something positive is just around the corner.


When you hear people telling you to push through a situation, it can sound meaningless. It can seem like something positive people say just to comfort you. So, you might take it with a grain of salt. If they don’t seem to believe it, then why should you?



Even if you struggle to believe these encouraging phrases, they are the truth. You do need to go through negative times in your life to taste how sweet the positive experiences are. We should be thankful for every experience that we live through, because we are living.


It can be frustrating when you deal with humiliation, disappointment, grief, and loss. It can seem like God is sending you too many challenges. Remember, he will never give you more than you can handle. God also sends us difficult situations, so that we can witness our own experiences to others.


Whenever you are faced with a difficult situation, remember that this is a chance for growth. Without change, we aren’t making the most of our lives. God will make us uncomfortable, forcing us to move on with our lives.


These situations can also give you a chance to reevaluate your circle of friends and family. If you have outgrown friendships, it could be time to leave them in the past. You can also see if the people that surround you are genuine or not.


If it feels like God has given you ashes, he’s really just given you an opportunity. You have time to become a stronger and better version of you. Once you weather the storm, you’ll be surprised at the person that you were before.


Love can be one of the hardest and most beautiful things that you experience in your life. When love is fruitful it can take you away from all your troubles, but heartbreak can be the worst. Each time your heart is broken, you see the type of relationships that you don’t want and what you really deserve.


God will sometimes send negative people into your life, so that you can learn these valuable lessons. It might seem unfair at the time, but you have to trust that everything is for a reason. You need these experiences to grow and become the best version of you.



Each time you are living through a difficult time, know that there is something positive around the corner. It can feel overwhelming like you will never get through it, but you will. There is something better for your life.


God may leave you with some wounds, but he will build you up to something bigger than you could ever imagine. Even when you’re at your most broken, he can heal that pain and help you transform.


Whenever you survive something challenging, you should feel blessed that God has given you this chance to reinvent yourself. Some people go their entire lives without growing and evolving. Each difficult moment brings you a step closer to a newer you. Try not to dwell on negative moments and just enjoy living each day of your life.

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