Woman with Rare Skin Disease finds True Love through her Love for God.

Added Date - Jun 26, 2019

Karine de Souza is a woman who lives in Fortaleza, Brazil, and has a rare skin disease, called Xeroderma Pigmentosum that does not have any cure yet, and can be triggered even when in the sunlight. Even though she has had to live with this skin disease all her life, and getting stares daily from strangers, she has been blessed to find true love. Edmilson Alcântara is the lucky man to soon call Karine his wife.




Karine knows that her faith in god has brought her to meet Edmilson, who got to know her soul. They have been making wedding plans and got a photographer to celebrate their love. After the photoshoot the photographer posted their photos, and shared a loving message about their true love with his friends on Facebook.


This story is a reminder that in a world were so many are focused on looks and the outer shell, we all should share love with everyone, because we could be missing out on a beautiful soul that God has given to us. God made everyone, specifically how he wanted them, by the beauty of his son Jesus Christ and loves us so much.


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