12 things that occur when you finally meet a great guy after experiencing a toxic relationship.

Added Date - Sep 22, 2021

Lot of people go into relationships in search of love and deep affection with the opposite sex. But when you are in a wrong and toxic relationship, it can be the worst experience that you would forever regret.


Most ladies try to endure toxic relationships which are very harmful not only to their physical wellbeing but also emotional psychology. Abusive relationships have made lots of ladies undergo severe victimization making them stay off the dating market due to fear of meeting another worst guy just like the previous one.



But the truth is you need to move on. No matter how bad your previous relationship might have been, there are other great guys out there that would value you more. You might be scared of having a new relationship especially when you meet a great guy who is very caring and so different than your ex. With time you get caught off guard with the awesome treatments that make you look like his only princess. Then you get to a point and begin to doubt if this great guy is not just like your ex. However here are 12 things you should notice when you meet a great guy;


1. You expect disappointment, but you get the best.



No matter how great the beginning looks with lots of amazing experiences, you will always assume he is going to be like the other guys you dated in the past.  But to your greatest surprise, he won’t be. Instead, he turns all your bad expectations into great moments.


2. You develop a lot of interest to know everything.



Most of your focus is circled on how to make everything look perfect. You become very eager to know much more about every little detail as possible, just to clear your doubt.


3. You assume he’s too good to be real.


As you get close to him, you start to doubt his loving, and caring personality. You become concerned if he could sustain his behavior because you haven’t be treated like this before.   


4. You avoid him a little bit.


You would definitely want a guy who is so caring. But as a result of your previous toxic relationship, you will not want to get hurt again and as such, you won’t want to get so close to him but he keeps coming.


5. You expect lots of fight and argument.


First of all, no relationship can be 100% perfect. There are times for argument and also merriment. You will have the mindset that he would complain about some of your personality or mistakes just to make you frustrated, but he doesn’t do that.



6. You apologize way too much.


You develop an instinct that makes you feel you’re not doing the right thing as a result of the low self-esteem developed from your previous toxic relationship. Any little mistake, you always try to make sure he isn’t angry.


7. You begin to think that he’s way too good for you. 


Great guys show much concerned about you. He takes good care of you, shows you lots of love and affection. But you think he is overdoing it.


8. You try to overcompensate.



You won’t only be concern about his welfare but also want to make an effort to meet his extra satisfaction. Just as he has been taking good care of you, also would you want to do the same. 


9. You develop more trust in him.


Trust is the bedrock for every relationship. As time goes, you get to trust and confide in him which you didn’t picture could ever happen. You build up that assurance that he is the real dude for you.


10. You feel thankful when you remember your previous relationship.


When you remember how you were treated and abused in your previous relationship after hoping for changes. But now, you are happier since you met this new guy. You will always be thankful.


11. His actions speak more just to prove it to you.



Great guys would prefer to prove how much they love and care about you. Almost every moment they check up on you just to know how you are feeling that moment without them. You see yourself as his first priority in life.


12. You experience the true definition of love.



Not every relationship is composed of true love like the toxic one you had. But with a great guy, if you’re lucky to make things work out well, you will get to know what it means to love and be loved by a guy.




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