10 Lessons for Success That Can be Learned From Floyd Money Mayweather

Added Date - Apr 28, 2015

6. You Can't Control Circumstances But You Can Control Your Response


Life throws circumstances at us that are beyond our control. You can not always control the circumstances that you find yourself in but you can control how you respond to these circumstances. Mayweather's early life should have made the boxer a criminal who ended up in prison but he chose to overcome these circumstances instead of allowing them to overcome him. You may be powerless over your situation but you have the power to control your response.




7. Self Discipline is Critical to Success


If you do not have discipline then you do not have what it takes to be successful. If you rely on others to make you get up or force you to work out then you lack the self discipline required to succeed. When Mayweather trains for a fight he does not rely on others. Floyd knows what needs to be done and he does it without anyone riding him or constantly prodding him to action. If you are always carefree and you never use self discipline then you can never reap incredible rewards.


8. Work is More Important Than Talent


Hard work is far more important than talent when it comes to the success equation. Hard work pays off in a way that talent can not. A talented singer may be good but someone who has dedicated years of hard work towards this profession will reach greater heights and be more successful in the long run. When you have potential hard work is what takes this potential and turns it into incredible success and an achievement to be proud of.


9. It is Important to Play Just as Hard as You Work


You need to know how to work hard in order to succeed, but it is also important to play just as hard as you work and this is something that Floyd Money Mayweather excels at. Relaxing and having fun helps you to recharge and eliminates pent up stress. This leaves you refreshed and with a new energy and sense of purpose. Working around the clock can be grueling, and if you do not play hard then you will get less from all the hard work that you do and wear yourself out in the process.



10. Have a High Self Image



10. Have a High Self Image

10. Have a High Self Image


If you do not see the value that you have how can you expect others to value you highly? When you believe that you are terrific then others will see you the same way, and you will be terrific because of this. If you are full of self doubt and you do not value yourself then others will others have a tendency to overlook you as well. Successful people have a high level of self confidence and they see themselves as having a high value.



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