10 Lessons for Success That Can be Learned From Floyd Money Mayweather

Added Date - Apr 28, 2015


Floyd Money Mayweather is known for his skills in the ring, but also for the success that he has achieved in life as well. In addition to being the highest paid athlete in the entire world Mayweather is also just as well known for his success outside of the boxing ring as well. 10 lessons for success that can be learned from Floyd Mayweather are:



1. Always be True to Who You Are


One of the lessons that Floyd Mayweather teaches by example is that you have to stay true to who you are no matter what. This requires you to know who you are inside and out, and to focus on your strengths and nurture these. You need to understand what your weaknesses are but don't focus on these. Always be honest about your thoughts and actions, and always act with complete integrity. This could have a negative impact in the short time but in the long run it will benefit you and make you someone that people want to be associated with.


2. Persistence Pays Off


Floyd Mayweather does not just show up for a fight, he shows up with style and flair. If you want to succeed in life then you can not show up once and then expect success, you need to keep putting in an appearance and produce at a continuous rate in order to get noticed. When you keep raising the standards then you will succeed because you will continuously improve. Achieving success is like a marathon, it can not be achieved by sprinting for a short distance. Eliminate the one night stands and get in the race for the distance if you really want to succeed in life. One hit wonders never last.


3. Success Doesn't Happen Overnight So Be Prepared to Pay Dues Along the Way


In order to become great at anything this takes hard work over a long time. Incredible success is not something that you are going to see overnight. Don't expect to skate your way to the top without paying dues along the way. Don't let your ego get in the way of learning along the journey to success. Use your intelligence and learn everything possible about the industry or sector that you want to be successful in. When you have knowledge this gives you an edge and helps you understand what it will take for you to succeed.



4. Do More Than What is Required


One reason that Floyd Mayweather is so successful in so many areas is because he goes above and beyond what is necessary to achieve success. In addition to fighting Mayweather also acts as his own promoter, something few fighters do because of the amount of work involved. In return for going the extra distance Mayweather receives a paycheck for promotions as well as one for his performance in the ring. Don't be apprehensive to take on extra work in order to succeed.


5. You Have to Practice Self Motivation


If you are not self motivated then you will not be successful. This truth is something that Floyd Mayweather understands and exhibits very well. Trainers who have watched Mayweather train often comment on the fact that the boxer does not need someone else to motivate him. When you have self motivation this will help you succeed in life. Those who rely on outside motivation may succeed when this is available but when there is no one else around failure is the expected outcome. Self motivation comes from within and is always available no matter where you may be.


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