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  • The Most Important Thing A Father Can Do For His Children Is To Love Their Mother.

    Added Date - Jul 20, 2014

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    When a father loves his wife with all of his heart, he gives a great example to his children. Your wife should be a priority over your work, your self and your kids. Why? Because love is the most important thing in life. And believe me when I say that if you put love first in your life then everything else in your life will be blessed.If you love her unconditionally it will come naturally to satisfy her needs, to listen to her; you will always want to please her. In return she will make you feel like a king in your kingdom.

    There is no better feeling then to feel loved by your woman because when you do so, she will in return satisfy your needs..all of them. Love is great and communicating your needs to each other is the best way to always grow together emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. And that's the best gift you can give to your children; it's to truly show them what true love is and how much effort it takes to make it work. In consequence, the children live in a loving environment and above all you have taught them the most beautiful thing on earth: love.

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