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  • Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.

    Added Date - Sep 06, 2016

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    The world can be a hard place to live in, and is difficult to not become jaded. Which is why you should let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. We find ourselves faced with challenges every day, and it is very easy to let those issues wear on us. At first it starts in our attitude, maybe you become mildly annoyed with your present situation. Then you begin to let the issues wear you down to where you have changed into an entirely different person. You find yourself going through life and no longer enjoying the things that you used to and people begin to notice. Then you are seen as a version of yourself that isn't the truth. Plus

    Dealing with problems is a great art in this lifetime, and is one that requires a lot of practice. Never let your worries shape the person that you are. This quote specifically refers to you becoming sad or upset because of your life, and that affecting your smile. I want you to think about the last time that you treated someone badly just because you were stressed out. These are the events that cause us to change who we are. What we have learned is that we have to rise above all of the pain and strife and look toward the future. By doing this we can begin to lead our way through life in a positive way with a smile on our faces. Life is far too short to be miserable, so shake off your worry today.

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