Anarchy Quotes And Sayings

Anarchy may mean many different things to many different people. Some may define this as an absence of any type of government or leader of society, where people live their lives according to their own creeds and morals. Others may believe that anarchy means violence and attempts to overthrow the current bodies of government. Today anarchy is becoming a popular topic once more as the global economy struggles and many go homeless or hungry. When an elite few control most of the world resources and wealth, and mass government institutions attempt to disarm and imprison the population over crimes that have no victim, then we as a society have failed. Many who consider themselves anarchists actually want a better world where hunger and violence are eliminated, a world where no on is abused by those in authority and where everyone gets along. Others may want the exact opposite, a world where there is no government to intervene and where everyone is on their own.

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Quotes About Anarchy

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