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  • Nothing in life is promised except death.

    Added Date - Nov 23, 2021

    Nothing in life is promised except death.

    Nothing in life is promised except death, meaning every plan in life always has an uncertain outcome but the only certain thing on earth is death.


    Every day of our lives, we plan to achieve a goal. However, we build that positive mindset that we can achieve it but deep down in our hearts, we cannot predict what might happen in the next minutes or hours. No matter how successful a person is on earth or the massive amount of wealth acquire, it won’t last forever because death is certain. Death is an inevitable factor no one born of flesh can escape. For instance, you might have friends from childhood, who were successful in their careers with a wonderful home and lots of people always look toward their achievement. But all of a sudden, things start to fall apart and they left every achievement into an eternal journey. That’s to tell you that life isn’t predictable and being alive is an opportunity.


    Everyone, both your loved ones and friends will depart this world one day whether successful or not. Therefore live every day of your achieving the best of it and try to succeed. People die every day and always remember one day it will be your turn. So let everything you do in life count.

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You know it makes me unhappy what's that When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy.

Lyfe Jennings

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