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  • Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak.

    Added Date - Oct 21, 2021

    Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak

    Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak, meaning do not judge a person's strength based on their exterior personality; instead, learn the ins and outs of a person before concluding. 

    We live in a world that is full of misinterpretation about individuals. Many people will conclude that a quiet person does not have great ideas and is not confident and incapable. While on the other hand, the loud ones are of great ideas and wisdom. But in reality, this conception is wrong. We have to understand that being loud doesn’t make a person better neither been weak. What makes a person better is your personality and ability to handle different life scenarios without falling apart. Not everyone that boasts or talks a lot about a particular thing knows much about it. Sometimes they only have surface knowledge of understanding about the subject. However, a person's strength can only be determined when you know more about their personality. There are several situations whereby a loud person undergoes depression, yet people believe they are strong enough to overcome it.


    In a nutshell, a person’s strength isn’t determined based on their interactiveness with people. Sometimes those we do not expect pass through situations beyond their capacity, but many people see them as perfect individuals because of society's misconception. In conclusion, assumptions are easy but only great when capable of identifying the right people.


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