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  • Love endures all things.

    Added Date - Dec 02, 2021

    Love endures all things.

    Love endures all things meaning if you do everything with love and abide by it. When tribulations happen, or situations become difficult, it will make you calm, have strength with a vision, and energy to withstand and overcome the storm.



    Everyone knows about endurance. Endurance means the ability to do something difficult repeatedly without giving up. You may have encountered several challenging situations, but you kept trying to overcome that problem no matter how many times you failed. That’s actually endurance. But have you asked yourself why you didn’t give up but rather kept trying to achieve a better result? The answer is love. Love is powerful, genuine, and the greatest of all virtues. A typical life for any man is full of challenges, which can be extremely frustrating. But when love is made the bedrock in any situation, you will have the strength and courage to handle any situation.  For instance, you may have had a friend with whom you both are working on a particular project together. Due to his/her mistake, their part of the project became so challenging to correct. Normally, you are left with two options: decide to satisfy your personal gain and achieve your own goal alone or help them out as a team. When you face such a hard time, you might want to give up and move on, but when you choose to let love exist in that situation, it gives you the strength and endurance to overcome it.


    Also, in our everyday life, the presence of love in every situation makes us strong. Choosing love to prevail makes problem solvable and easy. When you make love be the bedrock of any condition, no matter the setback, it keeps going!!!



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