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  • I wish I could make your life better and make you happier.

    Added Date - Nov 02, 2016

    I wish I could make your life better and make you happier quotes

    You will have friends in your life that are going through struggles, and it is normal to want to reach out and show them that you care. You will find yourself thinking, I wish I could make your life better and make you happier. You want to be that shoulder for them to cry on, and you want to let them know that it is ok. Just by supporting someone you are infinitely making their life a better place. It is important to have someone in your corner, and many people are depressed because they feel like they have nobody.

    It is almost impossible to make someone happy, because they have to want to be happy on their own. However, you can show someone what it is like to be happy, and that there are many reasons for them to seek fulfillment. Just be there, support your friends and loved ones, and have patience until they start to pull out of their hard time.

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