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  • Even The Nicest Person Have Their Limits.

    Added Date - Feb 23, 2023

    Even The Nicest Person Have Their Limits

    Even The Nicest Person Have Their Limits.

    Limitations, also regarded as boundaries, are restrictions you set to safeguard your physical, emotional, and psychological safety and well-being. They are rules based on how you want to be treated and if your limitations are breached, there should be repercussions. Boundaries are ways to take care of yourself, and it is very essential if you wish to build strong relationships, and also maintain your peace of mind.



    Everyone can set boundaries for themselves, likewise people who are very nice and care so much about you. And you are not expected to cross those boundaries, regardless of what. Once you cross them, the person will never be nice to you again, talk more of extending a hand of care.


    So, as an individual, you are expected to treat everyone around you with care and respect. Learn about the people around you and know what they can tolerate and what they can't. Never try to exceed those boundaries by pushing them too far because if you cross the line, they won't resemble the person you knew, and you will blame yourself for that. Being at peace with people can be hard, but this is one way to maintain good relationships with them.

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