Milli Vanilli Quotes And Sayings

Milli Vanilli was a music duo that performed pop music in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Milli Vanilli quotes often refer to the scandal that occurred when the group won a Grammy and then had the award rescinded because they cheated by not using the real voices of the singers on the popular album. Milli Vanili saw fame and popularity for a short time but this was quickly replaced with criticism and disdain by those who felt that the group cheated or was unethical. Eventually Rob Pilatus, one of the dynamic duo who made the group, overdosed on drugs and died. The other half of the Milli Vanilli pair, Fab Morvan, also never managed to achieve stardom after the scandal broke and struggled for many years to regain the former glory he had when the group first started.

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Quotes By Milli Vanilli

Quotes By Milli Vanilli
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