How to Make A Friend Forgive You?

Added Date - Nov 26, 2015

When you have hurt a friend the one thing you probably want more than anything else is for your friend to forgive you. How can you accomplish this though? You can not force someone to do anything but there are some things that you can do to show your friend that you are truly sorry and you value their friendship. Initially your friend may be too angry or hurt to even talk with you about the situation. If this is the case then simply leave a message for them letting them know how you feel and then give them some time to calm down. Once they are no longer so hurt or angry they may be willing to give you a chance to explain and make amends. What if this is not enough though? What else can you do to resolve the situation?

If you want to make things right so that a friend forgives you come out and ask them what to do. Actually listen to what they are saying and avoid becoming defensive. No one likes being in the doghouse or having their shortcomings pointed out but your friend may need to tell you how they feel and get it off their chest so that they are able to forgive you. Don't try to justify whatever it was that made your friend upset or angry, and admit any mistakes that you made. Don't get discouraged if your friend will not talk to you at first, keep trying to get through to them and eventually they may realize that you do care and be willing to at least discuss the problem.

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